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Peptide Peel w/ Lilac Leaf Stem Cells

A glycolic acid based peel designed for age management skin types, which features the most exciting ingredients in skin care, peptides & stem cells. This is considered a non-invasive peel (with no down time) where the glycolic acid preparation allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin.


Stem cells represent a major breakthrough in skin care due to their ability to protect the longevity, strength, and health of human skin cells. Where peptides can stimulate different functions in the skin by acting as messengers to skin cells, stem cell technology improves the life of the core of the cell, working in synergy with peptides and enhancing the effectiveness of other active ingredients.

Lilac Leaf Stem Cells: The Lilac Leaf Stem Cell preparation used in this peel, “Distinctive Phytostem Lilac 50™” are ultra-concentrated stem cells and the only current stem cell delivery system known to survive the low pH of Peels.