About L.P.A.R.

Lucrèce Physicians' Aesthetic Research, Inc. is a scientifically tested program of skin care dedicated to research, development, and ensuring that our products contain the most advanced ingredients and formulas in the industry.

Developed by a team of professionals consisting of a dermatologist, an aesthetician, and a cosmetic surgeon, Physicians’ Aesthetic Research, Inc. was established in San Clemente, California, circa 1993. At the onset, the product line was designed and formulated to help Physicians treat age management and hyper-pigmentation, and was primarily placed in Doctors’ offices in Southern California. As their patients began to test the product line they became impressed with how quickly and effectively their skin began to improve, and they would form a loyal customer base that sustained the company throughout the formative stages. Over time word of mouth spread and demand grew for a more complete line of products with wider distribution. Today, our products effectively treat a wide range of skin types and are sold all over the U.S. while drawing worldwide interest. We continue to build and expand our product line around clinical effectiveness, supporting skin care professionals and their clients with result oriented products and a straight forward approach to regimens and product knowledge. Our commitment to continuing development of the most effective system of skin care has grown over the years as we’ve seen the chemistry behind it grow to where now, peptides and other technologies are revolutionizing our ability to treat all skin types. It’s an exciting time for our line and for skin care in general as we continue to develop and fine-tune these incredible technologies.


“Lucrèce Physicians’ Aesthetic Research is founded on and dedicated to producing and distributing professional grade, result-oriented skin care products by using naturally occurring ingredients in conjunction with the most advanced skin technology and research available. We are committed to the health and appearance of our customers’ skin by on-going research, education and customer support.”

Your Health & The Environment

In consideration of your health and well being, all of our products have been carefully formulated without the use of paraben preservatives. With respect to our environment, all of our packaging materials are recyclable or biodegradable, and we do not test on animals or use animal derived collagen in our products.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We are so enthusiastic about the results we have seen with our products, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.
If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, please contact us at (800) 626-7546