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We provide professional skin care products for all ages and skin types including Age Management, Sensitive, Rosacea, Acne, and sun damaged skin. Our skin care products are specifically designed for professionals who insist on offering their clients the very best products for their skincare needs. The doctors, aestheticians and medical staff who use and recommend our products expect excellent results, cutting edge ingredients, innovative formulations and ethical promotion. We are proud to meet and exceed those expectations every day. See our About Us page - Our standards for professional skin care products.

Today, research is delivering skincare products with cutting-edge technology including stem cells, peptides and other ingredients that provide visible and significant results without causing trauma that botox and other invasive procedures can.

Formulated using the latest scientific breakthroughs in advanced skincare, balanced with numerous botanical extracts, hydrators, and paraben-free preservatives, our products enhance the skin's ability to defy aging, treat and help prevent acne and rosacea, protect from sun damage and premature aging while making skin softer, healthier and younger-looking.

The reason that professionals use LPAR Skin Care products is the combination of medical-grade quality and outstanding results. Their clients love the healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin that they see in the mirror.

Our Product Lines:

  • Age Management: Our products go beyond ultra-potent anti aging and anti wrinkle effects. Skincare breakthroughs in stem cells, peptides and other ingredients provide skin with the ability to restore collagen and elastin and combat chronological aging. Read more…
  • Rosacea and Extra Sensitive Skin: Specialized antioxidant & anti-inflammatory ingredients combine to soothe, moisturize, help heal and reduce redness and inflammation associated with Rosacea and Sensitive Skin. Read more…
  • Acne Control and Oily Skin: Whether you are treating oily skin, teen or adult acne, our products used in conjunction with our professional protocols and prescribed acne regime can prevent acne breakouts, provide needed moisture, calm inflamed skin and help prevent premature aging from potential skin damage. Read more…
  • Protect and Preserve Skin: Protecting against sun damage is the most important component in maintaining healthy skin, avoiding premature aging and in preventing cancer. Our products provide superior sun protection using the finest cosmetic quality Zinc Oxide, which also acts as a natural anti-irritant in addition to providing outstanding UVA & UVB blocking ability. Read more…

We invite skin care professionals and enthusiasts to try our line of skin care products. Whether you are looking for an age defying anti wrinkle product, acne skin care products, effective Rosacea skincare or a daily skincare regime to prevent sun damage, our products are right for all skincare needs. We have outlined specific regimes for all major skincare types to ensure excellent results.

To find a LPAR Skin Care professional or retail location that carries our products, visit our Retail Locator page.